Hi there, I’m Niyati!

I’m Machine Learning and Robotics Software Engineer. I gained industrial and research on-field experience along with studying bachelor in Mechatronics Engineering and Masters in Electrical & Computer Engineering.


My Projects

Having an exposure working on a projects such as Self Driving Car , Vision based Navigation Robot and Cyber Security based Face Recognition System, I grew passionate and inclined to pursue my career in Machine Learning Software Applications and Products as well as Autonomous car driving system , Robotics and Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Techniques.

Self Driving Car

The age of driverless cars are soon to be upon us. Self Driving Car is a vehicle capable of sensing its environment and operating without human involvement.

Vision based Navigation Robot

A Vision-based navigation robot uses optical sensors, including laser-based range finder and photometric cameras using CCD arrays, to extract the visual features required to the localization in the surrounding environment.

Cyber Security based Face Recognition System

Facial recognition is a category of biometric software that maps an individual's facial features mathematically and stores the data as a faceprint and using deep learning algorithms to compare the stored faceprint in order to verify an individual's identity

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a method of data analysis that automates analytical model building. It is a branch of artificial intelligence based on the idea that systems can learn from data, identify patterns and make decisions with minimal human intervention.

Robotics & Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Techniques

Robotics is the intersection of science, engineering and technology that produces machines to subsitie human actions. Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) is the process by which a mobile robot can construct a map of an unknown environment and simultaneously compute its location using the map.

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I Am An Avid Blogger

I talk about my pieces of life, sharing my expertise, breaking news that matter to me, or speaking whatever’s on my mind, I discovered countless people who think like me and have the following interests:

  • Robotics
  • Machine learning
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
  • Camera Imaging Systems
  • Computer Vision, Environment
  • Life
  • Climate Change
  • Avionics
  • Astrophysics
  • Farming
  • Neuroscience
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Sustainability
  • Renewable Energy

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